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HUAWEI Conference in Yerevan


From 30 to 31 July MobliOS, the official representative of the HUAWEI brand in Armenia, organized a seminar in Yerevan for its partners at the Best Western Congress Hotel.

The seminar was conducted by a professional team from Russia, who came with experience exchange.



During the seminar, experienced trainer Olga Gordieva introduced the history of HUAWEI, all the activities and the best devices and products of the HUAWEI brand.



The coach, first of all, spoke about the creation and development, as well as the areas of activity of the brand HUAWEI.

The participants of the seminar got interesting and impressive information about HUAWEI, for example:

1. HUAWEI cooperates with 40 of the world's 50 largest telecommunications companies.

2. HUAWEI has about 170,000 employees in 170 countries.

3. HUAWEI has 20 research laboratories around the world.

4. HUAWEI allocates 12% of its annual income to research.

5. Every third person in the world uses solutions from HUAWEI.

6. HUAWEI - is one of the three best-selling smartphone brands in the world.

7. According to Interbrand, HUAWEI ranks 70th among the most expensive brands in the world.

8. Both double and triple cameras introduced HUAWEI for the first time in smartphones.


But beyond that, of course, the accent was put on smartphones brand HUAWEI.


The trainer presented innovative smartphones of classes Y, Nova and P20.


Stylish and competitive class Y smartphones


Olga Gordievskaya first of all introduced to partners a smartphone Y6 Prime.

This is a very convenient and beautiful smartphone designed specifically for children and young people under 22 and adults for 50. This smartphone is inexpensive, but very competitive. Due to its impressive capabilities, it can meet all the needs of these age groups and even more.

This smartphone just does wonders.

Here are some of its advantages:

1. Android 8.0 compatible with EMUI 8.0 OS.

2. 90% of the basic operations are performed in 3 steps.

3. Eye protection.

4. Smart flash.

5. 10 modes of browning.

6. The fingerprint sensor and unlock by recognition of the owner's face.

7. Slot for 2 SIM-cards and SD-cards.

8. As well as the function HUAWEI Histen, which is capable of optimizing the music genre.



Flagship smartphones of the revolutionary class P20

Unique P20 Lite

Then the trainer presented smartphones of revolutionary class P20.

Unlike the P20 and P20 Pro, the P20 Lite is much cheaper. This smartphone features an ergonomic, glossy glass casing and bright color gradients. However, this smartphone is impressive not only in appearance.

The smartphone has:

1. Ability to connect to 2 Bluetooth devices at the same time.

2. Wi-Fi Bridge - an extension of Wi-Fi coverage.

3. Game mode for fans of Android games.

4. Thanks to the combined operation of the EMUI 8.0 operating system, the powerful Kirin 659 processor and the capacitive 3000 mAh battery developed by HUAWEI, the P20 lite smartphone not only works very long but also very efficiently and quickly.



Flagship smartphones P20 and P20 Pro

Then it was about smartphones P20 Pro and P20. P20 Pro and P20 were recently recognized as the best in the world according to the results of the European Hardware Awards 2018. In addition, according to the results of the world-famous DxOMark Mobile, these smartphones took the first and third place in terms of the quality of the camera shooting, respectively.

The coach noted some advantages of these smartphones:

1. The camera is the world famous LEICA product, it has the function of Light Fusion, which allows you to get beautiful images with excellent quality even at very low illumination, by connecting pixels.

2. These smartphones are equipped with an 8-core Kirin 970 processor, Master AI artificial intelligence, which allows you to receive stunning images.

3. Smartphones have a Multiple Input / Multiple Output (MIMO) system, which allows you not to lose the connection with cellular or Internet connection, even in a high-speed train at a speed of 300,000 km / h.

4. Dynamics developed by specialists of Dolby Atmos, which provides crystal clear sound.

5. Smartphones have IP67 standard protection - dust resistance and water resistance.

And this is just a small part of the capabilities of these impressive smartphones.

During the seminar, the trainer gave his colleagues P20 lite, P20, and P20 Pro smartphones so that the partners could see in reality these beautiful and unique smartphones and with their own experience were convinced of the unsurpassed efficiency and speed of the world's best flagships P20 Pro and P20.


An experienced trainer also introduced HUAWEI smartwatches and tablets




Then all partners together were photographed by smartphone P20 Pro.



In addition, the coach gave advice to partners to improve the quality of service and increase sales, as well as how to negotiate properly, build relationships and find a common language with customers.

During the seminar, all active participants were rewarded with beautiful and interesting gifts prepared by HUAWEI.



And so the seminar passed in a friendly and cheerful atmosphere. All partners received answers to their questions, communicated, discussed and just had a good time.