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The Future is Now: HUAWEI’s 3 Life-Changing Accessories


Take a dive into the smart world of innovative technologies.

Imagination has no limits, neither does human creativity. Whatever you dare to imagine today, people will turn it into reality tomorrow. Huawei’s creative minds spare no effort to turn the most astonishing and awesome ideas into life, and by doing so, they guide the technologies of tomorrow.

Speaking about innovations, we want to introduce you Huawei’s three leading accessories that will not only ease your life but will also provide new, brighter colors to your routine. We assure you that after reading this blog, you will deeply fall in love with these gadgets and will dream of having your own right now.

Huawei Wireless Sport Headphones



Most people will agree that nowadays headphones comprise an inseparable part of our life. If you want to escape from the outside world, isolate yourself in your music, what better way is there to do it than by using headphones?

In this case, Huawei AM61 wireless headphones are the best choice for you. Let’s point out some awesome facts about it.

  1. It’s comfortable

Wireless and lightweight, this model provides you with the freedom of movement and never tangles up. This means you will have no burden on ears while enjoying your favorite music.

  1. It’s designed especially for sports fans and people with an active lifestyle

Huawei AM61 headphones are water, sweat, and dustproof allowing light wearing and free sporting experience.

  1. It’s secure and never falls out of ears

The ergonomic shark-fin silicone ear-tip design together with the technology of imitation of a human ear make the model fit and secure for use. With Huawei AM61 wireless headphones you will not have to worry about the headphones falling out of your ears.

  1. It has cutting-edge design and colors

The model comes in black, blue and red colors. The cutting-edge design makes it look like a trendy necklace. You don’t have to worry about where to keep your headphones whenever you don’t use them.

They will beautifully fit with your outfit, whether it’s casual, sport, business, or smart-casual.

  1. It has a long-capacity battery, noise cancellation, and other awesome features

Among the outstanding features are not only the stylish and innovative design but also the long-capacity battery, convenient magnetic design for easy portability, fast and stable Bluetooth connection, professional noise cancellation and much more.

Overall, the Huawei AM61 wireless headphones are simply perfect for those who enjoy listening to music or talking on the phone while living an active lifestyle. Fashionable, comfortable and durable, this model is made from the highest quality technology and is offered for a reasonable price in our store!

Everyone knows the terrible feeling of looking in your pockets and realizing that you have forgotten your headphones at home. At that moment, you understand that you started off on the wrong foot and now, you’re left with no music.

Huawei wireless headphones are so awesome, that you will hardly manage to leave them somewhere since you will want to take them with you anywhere you go. So, you are probably excited to get one, aren’t you? Is so, visit here.

Huawei Smart Scale



The next amazing innovation from Huawei that is worthy of your attention is Smart Scale, designed especially for those who prefer having a healthy lifestyle.

Let’s put all the clichés and assumptions away and admit that health starts from fat reduction. But it’s also important to differentiate between losing weight and getting slim when you want to use the Smart Scale from Huawei.

These two concepts are actually quite different from one another. Under the same weight, fat is about three times the size of the muscle. In other words, under the same weight, you may have different body shapes according to the fat percentage in your body. That’s why people with higher body fat percentage look fatter.

Huawei Smart Scale is an advanced technology that can help you form a comprehensive understanding of your physical health by determining up to 9 different body composition measurements analysis in 1 detection:

They are։

1. weight,

2. body fat percentage,

3. BMI,

4. protein,

5. visceral fat,

6. muscle mass,

7. body water percentage,

8. bone mass,

9. BMR.

Big data, mathematical modeling, and PCA algorithm - all this in one scale.

How does it work? Simple!

The scale has a metal-less ITO layer for enhanced sensitivity, high precision bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) chip, four pressure sensors, and 360° adjustable scale feet through which it achieves an accurate measurement.

The scale works on auto-recognition technology, and it can easily recognize you when you step on it.

Another outstanding feature of this scale is that you can view your body weight and fat offline, without taking out your smartphone. Besides, you can connect this smart scale to your smartphone via Bluetooth connection, and get the measurement results directly on your phone through the user-friendly app.

The Smart Scale also has a built-in alarm clock so that you can track your weight regularly with the smart alarm clock for more accurate measurement.

Thanks to Huawei’s Smart Scale tracking your weight has gone from a manual process to an automated one with many innovative features added. Amazing, isn’t it? Now you can keep an eye on your health every day with Huawei Smart Scale and start living a healthy lifestyle.

Huawei Color Band A2

The smart bands՛ market continues growing year by year. The sales are getting better, and the competition is getting higher. That’s why the manufacturers spare no effort in designing new, more innovative and better models.

But this also makes the customer’s choice more difficult. Despite all that, the Huawei Color band A2 is what many users will recommend you to own.

It’s a very simple and useful smart band with a 0.96-inch large PMOLED screen to display the most important information you need at a glance and help you track your health.

The screen also supports multi-touch, which rarely comes in the smart bands. Thanks to it you have control over all the functions at your fingertips. You can easily zoom in and out to adjust the displayed information on the screen according to your preferences or needs.

With this smart wristband, you will never miss any phone calls or messages. It makes your life much easier in a way that you can answer phone calls and view your messages without even taking out your smartphone.

It also offers sleep monitoring opportunity thanks to the smart alarm clock. Did you know that with this smart band you can also put a reminder when sitting for too long, or use “Find My Phone” function in case you lose your smartphone?

It will be your trusted companion in daily life. It is sweat, dust and waterproof, so there is no need to remove it when washing your hands or even taking a shower. Thus, when choosing Huawei Color band A2, you choose to ease your routine as well.


Like other smart bands, Huawei Color band A2 can track your activity and provide real-time data about it. But what makes it stand out among others is first of all the quality, design and many other useful features added to it.

So, once you chose Huawei Color band A2, you will definitely be satisfied with your decision