Huawei Mobile Shipments Grow 33% in Q3 2018, Securing Second Position in Worldwide Mobile Shipment Trackers’ Report

IDC Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker published the report for the third quarter of 2018, where Huawei came second with 52 million shipments. The company’s shipments grew 33 percent compared to the previous quarter of 2018.

Besides the constant growing numbers worldwide, Europe, Africa and the Middle East show the biggest growing interest in Huawei smartphones. This means Huawei owns 14,6 percent of the overall market.

P-series of the brand is successfully selling, and the recent Mate-series are among the most competitive in the world.

What is the reason behind Huawei’s continuously growing success?

Being founded in 1987 as a phone switch producing company, Huawei grew to become the fastest growing and the second best-selling mobile phone brand.

This certainly has a lot to do with the vision of the founders, the company's core values, customer relationship and, of course, the quality of products.

Huawei has an officially proclaimed value system, that is definitely behind its success.

Let’s take a look at some of those values and other possible reasons.

Customers come first

One of the main core values of the company is the relationship with its customers and dedication to improving their lives.

According to their official statement, customers’ needs are the driving force behind their motivation and inspiration to create better user-friendly devices. If customers are happy and satisfied, that will make the company successful.

It’s not only about creating something new, but it’s also about creating something that people long to have. This brings us to our next point: improvement with customers in mind.

Continuous Improvement with customers in mind

Huawei’s another great approach is that they don’t consider customers just customers, they consider them their partners.

Every user experience, need, satisfaction or complain is adding a new idea to innovation. This means customers invest their time and ideas in the improvement of a particular device and the company itself.

Cameras that create artworks

According to statistics for the third quarter of 2018, many shipped Huawei devices had double or triple cameras.

Even though Huawei is innovating in every aspect, but having in mind that customers seek better cameras on their devices, its main focus for the past couple of years has been multifunctional cameras.

We can’t argue about that - Huawei devices’ cameras take mobile photography to another level.

Mobile network integration



We know that smartphones are more like a personal assistant with multifunctional skill-set, but eventually, the main and the most important function of the mobile device is keeping its users connected.

Huawei takes mobile network connectivity really serious. During recent years they have been working on making AI-driven connectivity better.

Some of the new functions include:

  • Adjusting the environment,
  • Optimizing network performance,
  • Recovering 4G signal,
  • Improving performance even in tunnels,
  • Optimizing ambient noise cancellation in loud and windy areas.

Huawei also partners closely with mobile network companies. This boosts the sales of Huawei smartphones through network operators.




Analyzing Huawei’s approach and activities, it’s obvious that for this company worldwide technological growth comes first and business second.

Huawei partners with many companies in the industry to contribute to the faster growth of innovation. They create long-term value for the world, rather than merely business.

The proof can be the fact that in the period of 2013-2018 alone, Huawei invested 600 million dollars in the development of a 5G network.

So, considering above mentioned points, it’s clear why a small phone switch producing company, turned into an empire of innovation.