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    • 5.8" FHD 1080 x 2244
    • EMUI 8.1
    • 4 GB RAM + 128 GB ROM, 8-core
    • Primary 12MP + 20MP, Front 24MP
    • BТ 4.2, USB 2.0
    • 3400 мAh
    • 3D glass
    • 4G,149.1 mm × 70.8 mm × 7.65 mm, Black, Twilight, Pink, Gold, Midnight Blue
  • Overview
  • Specifications
  • HUAWEI Р20
    HUAWEI P20 smartphone, equipped with a new dual camera Leica, opens up new opportunities for mobile photography. In the modern dynamic life of HUAWEI P20, in which the latest shooting technology is combined with creative visual effects, you have the opportunity to capture all the important moments of your life.
    ապառիկ սմարթֆոն HUAWEI
  • Choose your colour
    * Midnight Blue * Black
    Ապառիկ հեռախոս HUAWEI
  • New HUAWEI FullView Screen
    The new 5.8-inch * HUAWEI frameless screen with RGBW matrix provides brightness of images at reduced power consumption. New scanner fingerprint supporting the navigation function completely replaces the virtual navigation buttons, opening up new control options for the device. * The smartphone screen is measured diagonally from the outer rounded corner of the screen (the viewing area of the screen is slightly less than this value).
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  • New Leica dual camera
    The next step in the cooperation between HUAWEI and Leica became Leica double main camera of the new generation. Excellent image quality will inspire you to create masterpiece again and again.
    HUAWEI Android սմարթֆոն Հայաստանում
  • Innovative image sensor
    HUAWEI P20\'s lenses with a wide diaphragm are equipped with a modern image sensor with a pixel size of 1.55 μm. This means that the sensor catches more light, providing brightness and making photos more detailed even when photographing in low light conditions.
    Huawei Android հեռախոս Երևանում
  • Bright and high-quality pictures
    HUAWEI P20 smartphone\'s lenses with a wide diaphragm provide excellent-quality images even in poor lighting. Insufficient or dim light will no longer be an obstacle for the creation of high-quality images.
    Huawei Android հեռախոս Հայաստանում
  • In the rhythm of life
    HUAWEI P20 allows you to capture moving objects. A great opportunity to save the happy moments of your life!
    գնել HUAWEI սմարթֆոն
  • Predictive 4D autofocus
    With the predictive 4D autofocus, you can pre-focus on a moving object. Photos of people or animals in motion are clear and voluminous!
    HUAWEI վերջին սմարթֆոնները
  • Quick shooting
    Double-click the volume down button when the smartphone is locked to take a photo in just 0.3 seconds *. * The speed of shooting depends on the lighting conditions.
    գնել սմարթֆոն HUAWEI
  • Stabilization of images via artificial intelligence
    Image stabilization technology with the help of HUAWEI artificial intelligence allows you to take great pictures in "Night Mode". You will no longer need a tripod! The "Night Mode" also smoothes high-contrast photos to ensure the most balanced color reproduction.
    смартфоны HUAWEI
  • 960 fps Slow Motion
    Users of HUAWEI P20 are able to shoot video in slow motion with a frequency of 960 frames per second. Capture amazing moments to remember them with pleasure!
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  • 3D modeling of portraits
    HUAWEI Р20 has a technology of 3D modeling of portraits on the basis of artificial intelligence ensuring high-quality selfies. It also allows you to apply different light effects to the photo. Feel yourself a model like in a professional shooting!
    смартфон с хорошей камерой
  • Not ordinary selfies
    24 MP front camera turns every selfie into a real masterpiece. No restrictions! Only bright, voluminous, clear pictures both during day and nighttime.
    best android smartphone HUAWEI
  • Artificial intelligence in action
    HUAWEI P20\'s artificial intelligence technology is used to determine one of the 19 scenarios and objects in real time *. Light adjustment and other parameter settings are automatically applied to achieve the best result. * Supported scenarios and objects of shooting: cats, dogs, food, group photo, natural colors, macro photography, night shooting, text shooting, nature shooting, fireworks, sky, flowers, concert, document shooting, sunset, snow, waterfall and beach.
    HUAWEI smartphone with best camera
  • Color rendering
    The use of an artificial intelligence module at the processor level ensures maximum natural color reproduction in accordance with the shooting scenario.
    Huawei new smartphones
  • Professional composition
    While shooting a photo, HUAWEI P20 offers smart recommendations for optimizing the composition of the frame. Feel yourself a photographer!
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  • Bright and high-quality photos
    Lenses of HUWAEI P20\'s wide aperture provide quality images even in low light conditions. Insufficient or dim light is no longer an obstacle to your creativity.
    huawei smartphone waterproof
  • Augmented Reality
    HUAWEI P20 supports ARCore™, which allows you to use augmented reality applications, such as Curate.
    android smartphone Huawei
  • HUAWEI Share 2.0
    HUAWEI Share 2.0 technology provides instant transfer of photos and files between HUAWEI smartphones and computers (Windows or MAC) without connecting the cable, locking devices and other additional actions.
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  • HWD
    HUAWEI P20 is equipped with Dolby Atmos®, HWA * audio effects, which provide the highest quality Bluetooth audio, supporting Hi-res audio files. Now you can enjoy the quality of Hi-Fi when connecting wireless headphones or headset **. * Hi-res Wireless Audio. ** This function is only available for Bluetooth audio devices with HWA support. It is purchased separately.
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  • Powerful battery and fast charging
    HUAWEI P20 with a powerful 3400 mAh battery supports the HUAWEI SuperCharge safe and fast charge function. Quick charging technology helps to charge the device, even when you have very little time.
    телефон с лучшей камерой  huawei
  • Specifications