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5 interesting facts about Huawei, which not everyone knows


Learn about these interesting facts that will surprise you and your friends.

1․ Huawei was founded by Ren Zhengfei when he was in the mid-age crisis.



Who could imagine that one day Huawei would become one of the world's largest companies? Even Zhengfei himself did not have such expectations when he founded his company. It is noteworthy that before establishing the company, Zhengfei was a military technician and was served in the People's Liberation Army of China. He created Huawei only when he was 42 years old. Now that he is 73 years old, Zhengfei is still the current president of his company and belongs to the richest people in China.

2․ Huawei - Chinese achievement

Did you know that Huawei translated from Chinese means "Chinese achievement"? The name "Huawei" consists of two different characters. The first part of the name ( 华 ) means "China" or "Chinese", whereas the second part of the name ( `为 ) is translated as “achievement' or “action”. Thus, together, these two characters literally mean "Chinese achievement", which alludes to the companies achievements.


3․ Huawei is much older than you may think

Huawei was established in the 1980s and it started out with the production of phone switches. At that time, China and the People's Liberation Army were getting the necessary telecommunication equipment from foreign manufacturers as China did not have its own manufacturing company. Aiming to invest in local research and development of Chinese equipment, Ren Zhengfei decided to create new phone switches and set up his own company. For this reason, Zhengfei founded Huawei, which first released its production in 1987 in Shenzhen, China. As he mentions, "The technology of telecommunication equipment was linked to international security, and the country that did not have its own equipment was like a country that had a lack of armed forces."


4. Huawei’s achievements

Since 1987, Huawei has continued to grow. According to 2010 statistical data, Huawei's annual revenue grew by 30%. Such a massive increase is conditioned by the fact that Huawei has concentrated its sales not only in China but also in abroad, including the United States of America. According to current data, it is the world's largest producer of telecommunication equipment and the third largest supplier in the world after Apple and Samsung.


5․ Huawei is one of the best brands included in Interbrand rankings

Did you know that Huawei was the first Chinese company to have been included in Interbrand’s "Top Brands of the World" in 2014. This, in its turn, proves the fact that Huawei is an exclusive and world-famous brand. After all, only the largest companies which have managed to achieve great success are registered in these rankings.

Though years ago, it would have been difficult to believe that Huawei could eventually become recognized worldwide, today it is considered one of the leaders in smartphone and telecommunication production.


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