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HUAWEI "Face Unlock" - facial recognition unlocking system


HUAWEI "Face Unlock" - the facial recognition unlocking system originally introduced in the P20 series, also reaches other HUAWEI smartphones because of positive feedback from users and demand.



HUAWEI announced the release of a new software update for HUAWEI Mate 10 series, which will include "Face Unlock" facial recognition functionality. The system, which was originally developed for the P20 series smartphones, is now available on the Mate 10 series smartphones.


Besides, HUAWEI has also implemented the "Face Unlock" function in Y 2018 series smartphones (Y5 Prime, Y6, Y6 Prime, Y7, Y7 Prime, Y9).



In addition to the password and the fingerprint sensor, HUAWEI introduced a third way to unlock the smartphone - a face recognition system that instantly and unerringly recognizes the owner's face. "2D Live Detection" makes impossible to unlock the device with photos or a screen.

For improved security, "Face Unlock" will unlock the smartphone only when the user's eyes are open.

HUAWEI is constantly striving to provide its customers with the latest innovative technologies.

If Your Huawei smartphone supports Face Unlock function, You can configure it simply and quickly according to the following steps:

1. Enter the "Settings" of your smartphone,

2. On the first page, find "Security and confidentiality",

3. Then select "Face Unlock",

4. Then look at the camera and the system will create your face profile. After creating a profile, you can choose between two unlock options:

a) Instant unlock with face recognition,

b) By swiping your finger across the screen after face recognition by the phone.

If the user selects the second option, he can also use the "smart lock" feature. In case the Face unlock identifies that the user who is trying to unlock the phone is not its owner, the smartphone automatically hides information/contents of all pop-up notifications, for example, SMS, Telegram, Viber, etc.


Walter Ji, president of HUAWEI western Europe consumer business group, said: "HUAWEI is constantly striving to provide its customers with the freshest and innovative technologies that bring real benefits in everyday life.

The popularity of the "Face Unlock" function in the HUAWEI P20 series is a striking example of consumer preferences regarding functionality that facilitates their daily life.

We are also pleased to provide face recognition technology for the HUAWEI Mate 10 series. "


It should be noted that this method of face recognition is not only fast and unmistakable but also works under critical viewing angles and in total darkness. Identification is performed using software algorithms, and the smartphone easily recognizes its owner even at night.


"Face Unlock" - this is one of the best features added to the series of HUAWEI P20 smartphones. These flagship smartphones are equipped with Kirin 970 AI processor, FullView screen, LEICA camera, and a huge array of useful innovative features. Smartphones also have a powerful battery with HUAWEI SuperCharge technology certified by "TÜV Fast-Charge Safety".

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