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HUAWEI published its annual report for 2018

2018 was another successful year of technological innovations for HUAWEI. In 2018, the company continued to focus on ICT infrastructure and smart devices, maintaining continuous growth.

The greatest motivation of the company is customer trust. Therefore, HUAWEI will continue to deliver the best possible products and services and win consumers' trust.

According to the report, the company maintained its continuous business growth during 2018.

- Income from sales in 2018 rounded to 721.2 billion yuan, which is 19.5% higher compared to the previous year and its net profit reached CNY 59.3 billion, increasing 25.1%.

- In 2018, HUAWEI invested 101.5 billion yuan (14.1% of its sales revenue) in R & D (research and development), occupying the 5th place according to the 2018 European Union's R & D industrial investment report.

- Over the past ten years, HUAWEI's R & D spending has reached more than 480 billion yuan.



Business achievements of HUAWEI in 2018

Enhanced connection

- HUAWEI has launched the industry's first fully-fledged 5G network as a commercial product that complies with 3GPP standards. In addition, the company has tested over 182 carriers around the world, signed more than 30 trade agreements for the 5G network and delivered over 40,000 base stations on the global market.

- In the field of Internet of Things (IoT), the company has released 53 NB-IoT and 16 EMTC networks, which are supporting links for millions of other contacts.

- HUAWEI collaborates with 25 leading companies around the NetCity Innovative Program, and as a result, has fully upgraded its Intent-Driven networking solution. 



Delivering a personalized experience

- The company has made numerous advances in a number of different areas, such as photography, artificial intelligence, communication capabilities, smart device performance, and design.

- HUAWEI has contributed to the creation of a healthier and more favorable ecosystem. The HiLink smart home platform collaborates with more than 150 brands involving more than 500 products. In the transport industry, the company has provided stable and reliable vehicle services for tens of millions of drivers. HUAWEI has served nearly 100 million users in health and fitness.

- The number of developers of HUAWEI around the world has exceeded 560,000 by the more developed ecosystem program. HUAWEI cooperates with these developers to create a more sustainable ecosystem.



Safety and reliability

HUAWEI highlights the importance of cybersecurity and privacy. As a supplier of technical equipment, the company is responsible for creating more secure systems through innovative technologies to strengthen this security through a range of partnerships to create a more reliable digital world.

Over the last 30 years, HUAWEI has built more than 1500 networks in over 170 countries and provide network services with telecommunications carriers to more than 3 billion people.

HUAWEI is now the best technological company in the world when it comes to anti-attack and anti-penetration capabilities.

By the end of 2018, the Board of Directors has approved an official budget of $ 2 billion in the initial budget, which will allow expanding the company's software capabilities.



End-to-End Business Continuity Management System

As a result of many years of development, HUAWEI has created a complete business continuity management system that includes all areas of business, including procurement, manufacturing, logistics and technical services.

HUAWEI, with the help of efficient management teams, multifaceted methods and IT systems, now has special development plans for emerging business and emergencies.

Over the past decade, HUAWEI has responded to more than 80 emergencies and has provided organized support. Among them are tsunamis in Japan, the flood of Thailand, the earthquake in Nepal and so on.