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7 facts which will make you choose

Huawei over Apple and Samsung.



When choosing a smartphone we put most emphasis on the available budget and technical requirements. At first, it appears to be an easy choice but usually it's harder than it seems. What to choose? How to choose? In reality we make a choice after comparing the options.
Do you want to make the right choice? Then lets take a look on these 7 main comparison points which will help you with decission.

1. The Price

It is undoubtedly one of the most important points for the buyer. No one wants to waste money or pay less for a useless and problematic device. When buying a smartphone people take into acount the pricing which is sometimes calculated based on the popularity of the brand.

Turns out that the price of a smartphone is not necessarily a guarantee of high quality, and vice versa. Let’s compair two competing models, to illustrate. For instance, the price of Huawei P8 is nearly 499 euro – slightly more than half the price of Samsung C6 Edge.



2. Does it stand out?

We all want to be unique and different. Some people prefer to have the same smartphone as there friends, and others, whant to own a device that stands out . This point is also of crucial importance when making the final decision.
Huawei constantly works on perfecting the Android platform. Huawei has a special interface called Emotion, which is the improved version Google Android. In the meantime the Android platform of Samsung smartphones does not undergo much optimization or change.

3. Lots and lots of light

A good camera captures a lot of light. Many people base their choice of a smarphone on the capabilities and quality of its camera, while others do not pay much attention to the availability of a camera at all.

Lets view a few exemples. Huawei P9 camera captures 270% more light than that of iPhone 6s and 90% more than the camera of Galaxy S7.


4. Is it too thin?

The width of Huawei P9 is only 7 mm. This model is thinner than both iPhone 6S and Samsung Galaxy S7. But is this really important? After all, it's a matter of taste. Some may view the thinness as crucial, while others may prefer a more substantial weight.


The same goes for the screen. The screen area of the mentioned smartphone is 72,9% and excedes that of iPhone 6S and Samsung Galaxy S7. Is this vital when choosing a smartphone? It is really up to you to decide.

5. Design

Design is truly what makes you «notice» a device. There is a constant rivalry in the matters of design between smartphone manufacturers.New models are produced using new design concepts and ideas which must constantly prevail over the old ones. 
Apple also pays special attention to how the new iPhone will look. The company also regularly consults the specialists, but the design strategy is kept in secret since not all the information is available to broad public.

6. The matter of durability

When choosing a smartphone it is important to understand the durability limit, and if the device mulfunctiones, how is it going to be fixed .

For instance, in order to change Samsung Galaxy J5 battery you simply need to purchase a new one and replace it on your own. Those you are used to solve all technical problems of their smartphones themselves should consider the choices, In order to change the battery of Huawei GR3 the owner must seek the help of professionals.

7. Advertisement victim?

Let’s not forget to consider how the companies in question communicate with their costumers. 4 bln US dollars. This is the ammount Samsung spends yearly promoting its products. Apple is relatively minor in this regard. The company spends 400 mln US dollars annually.
Huawei has only 11 mln US dollars anual expence on commercials. The company explains its unwillingness to spend unbelievable amounts on commercials by the following: Huawei prefers to spend money on innovation and development of new technologies rather than advertisement.
This approach to advertisement spending can help us understand who we prefer to «cooperate» with. By making the right choice you will secure you comfort and avoide regretting the decision in the future.
In case you have changed your mind, read the points again.